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Best 360Dash Cam
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6 Best 360Dash Cam

The best 360 dash cam is like CCTV for the driver. Here’s how to locate the best dashboard camera for you and your transportation!

The best 360 dash cams give you security and protection for your vehicle. It is like having ‘CCTV for your vehicle’. Dashcams come in a variety of kinds and values, and many introduce extra protection features that go behind easy video taking. You can have dash cams professionally fitted with hidden wirework, or pick a dash cam you can fit yourself and move within transportations.

You might understand that even the best 360 dash cams are simply there to shoot ahead and film video if they identify a disaster. With more affordable and simpler designs, that is all they do, but more excellent dash cams go enough additional to act as motorist support and accident response methods. For example, some dash cams can warn you if you unexpectedly drift out of your lane, or if you don’t see the vehicle in front of you has set shut off in a busy area. Or, if you are connected in a collision and don’t answer, some best dash cams can also call emergency assistance and give your accurate GPS location.

Other dash cams come with a secondary camera that will film out of your rear windscreen in an attachment to the head since warnings on the way can get from behind as well as in front. Here have a separate lead to the best front and rear dash cams, if you are studying for one of these. Video technology is improving all the time, especially in image quality. A growing quantity of dash cams can record video in 4K – giving you as much accuracy as possible in your footage.

It’s all section of the fast development of small cameras and video record. Surely, many of the technology applied in-dash cams can also be found in amazing of the best action cameras, including GoPro designs. You might see connections in features such as video resolution, frame rate and viewing point.

The requirements of drivers are insignificantly separate, so you don’t mind to recognize the variety of image stabilization highlights recommended on action cameras. But, the best360-degree dash cams will usually cover night vision rather. And, because you want to keep your hands on the wheel, you might need to watch out for the best dash cam designs with voice control.

Dashcam connection can be pretty simple, however, there may be some wirework to be completed. Some designs have internal batteries, although these don’t last for extended, so for constant fuss-free security, it’s best to go for a dashcam that can be secured for continuous power. Some can plug into your car’s USB port or power socket, though this can give disorderly disclosed cabling.

The choice is to have your dash cam professionally fitted so that the cables will be covered or protected and your accessory sockets are left available. It might seem like a lot to take in, but we’ve turned up our best 360 dashcam designs here to describe each one’s important highlights, pros, and cons. And if you ride a cycle or bike and you’re inquiring about the same kind of security.

Here are 6 Best 360° Dashcam

  1. VaVa Dash Cam
  2. Vantrue N4
  3. Rovi
  4. Blueskysea
  5. Autowoel
  6. Wiseup

1.Vava Dash Cam

Mounting TypeMagnetic Mount
Item Weight1.34 Pounds

The vava is the best 360 Dash Cam. The 1920x1080p dashcam catches license plates with exact crystal details during high-speed driving. Tape-recording up to 5 car lanes with its 155°lens can help you decrease hidden places. Also, The Sony image sensor can produce clear and fresh footage, daylight, and nighttime, even in low-light conditions. Built-in GPS can correctly trace your driving route position and speed in either km/h or MP/H.

With Full-highlighted best Dashcam, the free mobile app allows live real-time, photo & video is performing on social media or detailed transfer to police & insurance companies directly from your smartphone. Seamless loop record will be automatically actuated when starting the engine. The best 360-degree dash cam will automatically film the accident when identifying the vibration, which will not be overwritten during the filming.

The Vava careful configuration provides for a well-hidden observer that catches all effects on the drive ahead The 360°Swivel mount to catch footage inside and outside of the vehicle. The magnetic connection only takes one second. The most proper place for most dash cams is mounted aside behind the rearview mirror, where it won’t include your view. Remember that by law, anything fixed on the windscreen can be within the range of the driver’s side windscreen wiper, therefore make sure your dash cam continues outside of the arc of your wiper blade.

The night vision is clearThere are constant errors with the app and connections issues
The wide angle is perfect
Build quality is amazing


Display Size2.45 Inches
Item Model NumberN4
Item Weight1.79 Pounds

The N4 offers a 155° front camera, 165° inside the camera, and 160° rear camera to film the front, inside the vehicle, and the road back together 1440P+1080P+1080P 30fps, which provides you all-round security when you’re on the roadways. The dual record-keeping method takes a clear 2560x1440P in the front and 1920x1080P 30fps inside the vehicle or back.

The best front and rear dash cam can seamlessly record-keeping up to 1520p when using an individual, allowing accurate capturing of license plates and roadway signs. With a high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens keeping road front, F1.8 6-glass lens keeping rear, this vehicle camera can boost display automatically in nighttime conditions for taking clear videos footage; 4 IR LED lights covering inside the vehicle cabin, which can perfectly catch the driver and riders also during inside the cabin is entirely dark, perfect for rideshare motorists such as Uber, Lyft, and Taxi.

The Vantrue N4 is the best 360 dashcam and it is a supercapacitor powered preferably by lithium batteries developed to bear extreme weather situations from 14°F to 158°F. Ideal for hot climate areas or icy regions. Plus, it additionally provides a more extended lifespan than the lithium-ion battery dashcam.

The best dash cam will be on standby method with the energy-saving movement detection parking method until movement is detected; the best 360-degree dash cam is set to record once it detects movement in front.  If an impact is seen when the car dashcam is off, it will auto on to record the effect with collision detection. The three-channel dash cam always is connected to the hardwire kit; purchase an extra external battery for parking mode.

Inconstant sensitivity G-sensor emergency bond videos to event folder following result, loop record-keeping automatically overwrite the oldest data. At the same time, the card is full, auto LCD off skirt misleading, able of covering up to 256GB of external memory, suggest Vantruesd card, firmware updates for ongoing developments and new specialties, optional GPS to track direction, position, and acceleration.

Excellent video quality daytime and nighttime record-keepingNo built in GPS
Informative LCD displayNo built in WiFi or Cloud features
Super Capacitor battery is the requirement for ultimate hot and cold conditionsNight vision footage needs improvement

3. Rovi

Display Size1.5 Inches
Mounting TypeMagnetic Mount
Item Weight1 Pound

The Rovi is the best 360 Dash cam. These are perfectly designed to film the correct position of what event occurred. The top-of-the-line camera packs a much more further inside, provides Wi-Fi compatibility for quick entrance to content for storage and sharing, a magnetic mount for a regular fitting, with simple in / out functionality, and an extra-wide 150° panoramic lens that catches more than a drivers’-eye view, in full 1080p HD resolution. Built-In 1.5″ Screen to help correct recorded footage on the scene or adjusting camera settings. Added highlights cover collision detection, loop record-keeping, and much more. It quickly connects to have you up and to travel in minutes.

Record the most exact specifications with crystal bright, full HD 1080p accuracy. A wide-angle lens catches a much more complete, general view of the surroundings. Impression Detection and Loop Recording – Built-in G-Sensor recognizes the collision and defends the recording from overwrites. Most past record-keeping is automatically removed to make a place for new clips. Change records from the best dashcam, watch them on your smartphone device and share with the world, all for easy on the ROVI App. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Simple, hassle-free mounting for smart, fast removal and fitting. The USB power cord plugs straight into the mount, so you will never need to unplug the line to catch off the dashcam. Connect the added GPS module and trace the positions of where the record-keeping used area. Apply the available PC app to view the geotagged clips. The footage is mostly excellent, and performance in low-light conditions is outstanding. However, the best360-degree dash cam is a smart and neat unit. It is small, modest, and doesn’t cost the globe.

Excellent build quality.The camera started loading/flashing
Ability to live stream to Facebook.
The wifi is excellent and quick downloads

4. Blueskysea

Item Model NumberB1W
Display Size1.5 Inches
Item Weight7.8 ounces

The B1W mini clandestine car camera is just 90mm/3.54in x 29mm/1.14in x 38mm/1.50 without an LCD screen. The tiny size and all-black form portion present it is more secret. Support 64GB max Micro SD card. The best 360 dash cam body is a B1W drive recorder that supports 360-degree rotation, creating it straightforward to change lens angle if needed, enabling inside or outside of the vehicle video record-keeping.

The B1W vehicle camera video recorder works with dual supercapacitors, somewhat of a lithium battery, a more reliable and more secure choice to perform in hot conditions.

The dash cam with a Wi-Fi connection can join to see the footage, download videos, and modify settings via an APP on your Smartphone. The B1W required a vehicle power supply, cigarette lighter socket. The best front and rear dash cam appear with a parking style function, which is triggered by G-sensor. When the G-sensor recognizes a result, the camera begins video recording for 30 seconds automatically.

The Blueskysea B1W simply a new flagship dash cam. It produces much-upgraded video quality, better stabilization, and the addition of geolocation services, creating it reasonable to pinpoint a stricken transport within a three-meter range. The Blueskysea B1W car camera is based on the Novatek GM8135S processor and Sony IMX323 CMOS high sensitivity picture sensor.

This organization provides for 1080p@30 fps high-quality record-keeping in the daytime and at nighttime. The car driving recorder features voice assists, so it is straightforward to understand the camera’s exact working situation, such as video start/stop, SD card error, etc.

The simple one-button function.The audio is not so excellent.
The app is simple to apply to configure settings
The camera will auto-flip when you rotate the lens.


Item Model NumberD330
Display Size3 Inches
Item Weight1.41 Pounds

The autowol is the best front and rear dash cam that can be attached to your smartphone over WiFi. You can locate videos on IOS or Android phones, play and download these videos, and give your trip with buddies or families on social media. You can also efficiently manage and set the dash cam on the APP, eliminating slow button controls.

The built-in GPS can quickly record your driving direction, driving activity, and other data, which will enhance your primary evidence. A full HD front camera connected with a 720P rear camera gives a detailed screen presentation; the advanced ultra-high-definition device does not drop a detail. 310° wide-angle double camera taking all walkers and transportations around the vehicle, providing enough data for rear-end accidents or disasters, etc.

The best dash cam super night vision with Sony IMX335 sensor develops low light sensitivity enabling accurate imaging in low light conditions. Joining a big opening and 6-glass lens, known WDR, HDR technology assures sharp pictures at nighttime. Even in low-light locations; Car license plates can be seen.

When you move backward, the reversing method will display the reversing position to assist you to reverse into the parking without an accident. When parking, the recorder will automatically observe the around conditions. When the built-in G-sensor recognizes an unexpected crash or disaster, the camera will automatically secure video. Seamless loop record-keeping will automatically overwrite past data. The record-keeping will be looped automatically.

The most worthy chase is to serve the needs of customers. The company is prepared to give a lifetime warranty for the products, and it can be replaced for free within one year. This is the full guarantee on the market.

Easy setup and installationThe USB cable is loose
Works great with Android devices
The speed limit detection is spot on


Item Model NumberWP-ST313M
Display Size7 Inches
Mounting TypeDesk stand bracket

The Wiseup is the best 360 dash cam. That gives the motorist a cleared 360-degree general view around a car or transportation. The standard for all vehicles and automobiles distance less than 6 meters. The video screen automatically shifts according to the driving tracks; Begin or hold video record-keeping automatically after the ignition switch is on or turned off; Maintain constant video recording after ignition switch off if powered by vehicle battery; End video record-keeping automatically the vehicle battery voltage is below than 11.5V.

If you need a 360 dash cam that looks like it was suited to your vehicle in the company, the waiseup is for you. It’s created to suit up on the top of your car dashboard and cleverly out of the way. The waiseup model can also be hard-wired to your car’s battery, suggesting it will boot up when you apply the key, proceed to record while parked, and leave your car’s 12V socket available for other applications, like charging your smartphone.

Support four ways of endless video record-keeping and stored as a time-synchronized time-stamped video—support four ways playback at the equal time: support one-way audio input and one way video output. The filmed video setup is AVI.

The best dash cam screen will automatically switch to the reversing image when the reverse gear is engaged. A 7″ TFT screen shows the rear situation and triggers a guide-line for secure parking.The best catches all events found on the road. The best front and rear dash cam take one video. Wide active range enables the camera to perform optimally in any lighting condition by improving the appearance to generate equitable pictures and footage.

Good quality imagesBad design feature on the side cameras
Automatic Video switch and Record-keeping


  • Power supplyBuilt-in batteries are useful but don’t last running, plugging into an accessory power socket works that although can look disorderly, an expert installation is the smartest solution.
  • 4K video – Provides a higher resolution for more accuracy; however, it also allows much larger video files which can fix a difficulty.
  • Rear cameras – These are an optional add-on for some best dash cams which film what’s following behind you, not only what’s in front.
  • Voice control – Excellent for hands-free control, which is particularly valuable for motorists, of course.
  • Wi-Fi connections- Helpful for seeing or assigning dashcam footage, and some methods can send.
  • Parked alerts – Prepared with some hard-wired dash cam methods, these can film any crashes or bangs to your vehicle while parked.
  • Emergency calls–Some best dash cams can adjust the emergency assistance with your location via your cellphone if they identify and collision and you don’t react.
  • Night vision – Enhanced night vision modes perform a lot of understanding for those who do entirely of their driving after nighttime.


The best 360 dash cams broadly have comparable technology to one another, and, for the most component, mount somewhere along with a car’s front windscreen or windshield. Anywhere you put your dashcam must not block your view of the road.

The appearance of rear-facing cameras or full kits that cover both best front and rear dash cam need extra installations, as these usually include wires that go from front to back. Require some fiddly work involving the car’s headliner to prepare these applied correctly.

Whenever we receive a new 360 dash cam review, we’ll update this listing with more further of the best we’ve tested. Keep understanding to discover which set among the best dash cams.


Should I buy a dash cam?

The dash cam is the most active and most useful proof you have for supporting yourself in the matter of a car collision. It is more satisfying to have one and stay on the protected side, as it can help you save a lot of time, cash and struggle in the long run.

Is it worth having a rear dash cam?

If you are driving and your vehicle is bumped from behind, your front camera may miss the full story. Having a rear Dash Cam installed will add an extra level of safety to your vehicle with a complete picture of any incidents which may happen.

Should I hardwire my dash cam?

If, though, you purpose to use it regularly, for longer trips, or you have various devices that might require to apply the cigarette lighter to power them, having your dash cam tough-wired could create more understanding. Another thing to contemplate is whether you’re expecting to get coverage premium discounts by applying a dash cam.

Does dash cam drain battery?

If the dash cam or hardwire tools is not controlling the car battery voltage, yes, it can drain your car battery. Even if your dash cam does not fully empty your car battery, stopping you from starting your car, it’s still not enough on your car battery to be draining it and recharging it regularly.

Where is the best place to put a dash cam?

The most suitable place for most dash cams is tucked aside behind the rearview mirror, where it won’t cover your view. Remember that by law, anything fixed on the windscreen can be within the sweep of the driver’s side windscreen wiper, so make sure your dash cam remains outside of the arc of your wiper blade.

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