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Best Car Camera For Parking Mode
Best Car Camera For Parking Mode
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Best Car Camera For Parking Mode

Living in the science and technology era, we are making our life technology-based day by day. It is becoming famous with time. From professional driver to average driver, every driver feels assure to have a dashcam in their car.

Having a dashcam makes your driving experience safe by showing the front and back road clearly on the LCD screen. A wide viewing angle camera provides an expansive view of the road that you cannot see in the looking glass. Sometimes you have to give the evidence of being guiltless to the cop or insurance company.

Among thousands of products, you have to choose the right one for your car. To make your task easy and save your time, we have listed the six best car camera for parking mode. You can choose one of them and get satisfied with their advanced features. Let’s get start it.

Dash Cam VAVA 1920X1080P

VAVA dash cam captures videos in high resolution around the car. It has brought revolutionary improvement in a dash cam. Can capture 60 frames per second in a 360-degree swivel angle. If you owe this, you can drive comfortably with built-in GPS. The GPS will capture the current location and will show the most shortcut and suitable way to reach the desired place.

Just set the desired destination and, this cam will show the way of less timing road.

The Sony image sensor captures clear and smooth videos even at night and in a dark place.  By using Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can transfer the video file to the VAVA Dash app.

Your car will also be safe even while it is parked. You must be thinking how? The VAVA Dashcam has parking mode by which it captures 15 seconds videos when it detects a sudden shake of the car. You will get this feature even the engine is not running.

It captures high-quality video with a 36o degree swivel angle.It doesn’t get a strong Wi-Fi connection to transfer videos.
It has a built in GPS. So, you can drive your car without difficulty and with the perfect guideline to reach any place quickly.It has not any memory card included.
The Sony image sensor captures videos both day and night in the same resolution.
It has the WIFI or mobile data access by which you can transfer video footage t your mobile and transfer to the police with the VAVA dash app.
When you turn on the parking mode, the camera will capture at least 30-40 videos whenever it detects a sudden shake of the car. So, you can point out the reason for any damage to the car when you were not present there.

VAVA VD009 Dash Cam

Would you believe a low price dash cam can capture a 2k HD resolution video? I think you may be surprised to know it. VAVA VD009 Dash Cam has a 2560x1600P resolution front camera and 1920x1080P rear camera. By which it captures every detail footage around the car.

It has the GPS feature that automatically tracks the car’s location, the route of driving, driving speed, and other important information of each running. You will get the right information about your desired road and can go according to the showed road. The camera captures videos automatically after turning on the power button and saves the video footage without any touch.

Its 360-degree swivel and 70-degree adjustable Dashcam capture videos of cars outside and inside gently. It is temperature resistance from -4°F to 122°F. It will never get foggy even in high sunlight or on an icy road. Rain, Snowfall, dust storm, cyclone it captures the same quality videos in every environment.

Affordable dash cam with quality based features.No SD card included.
2560x1600P resolution front camera and 1920x1080P rear camera.The battery of the camera can damage at hot temperatures
Sony sensor, F2.0 6-glass lens, and four infrared LEDs provide full clear and crisp videos.
The parking mode feature allows us to take short video shots even the engine is off.
Temperature resistance. Any hot or cold environment does not affect the video quality of the dashcam.
You can separately control the rear camera.

Crosstour 1080P Car Cam

Crosstour Car Camis the 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution dashcam with a three-inch LCD screen. Sometimes it is hard to see the behind road or the back part of the car but, that is very important to see for safe driving. And by the looking glass, you maybe can’t see the proper way of the road and the car’s back. For this, Crosstour car cam has brought a revolutionary looking screen connected with the camera. You can see all around the car on the screen.

Its 170-degree wide-capture angle record the wide range of video around the car, and the point of view ensures safe driving. This dashcam automatically detects a sudden shake and lock the footage to prevent overwritten of the video with built-in G-sensor even in loop recording. Every situation records correctly, and you will be free from any kind of fraudulent or bogus levy.

One more thing that makes it special is WDR technology. It captures videos in both low light or backlight, WDR restores the true colors of objects in a high resolution. All the important features that you need for safe driving will get from this car cam.

1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution camera.It has no GPS connection.
With its three inch LCD screen, you will be able to see the front and back road around the car clearlyNo parking Mode.
170-degree wide-angle view capture a wide range and show the video on the screen as well as saves automatically.
Dash cam automatically detects a sudden shake and lock the footage to prevent overwritten of the video with built-in G-sensor even in loop recording.
The wide dynamic range technology provides videos with real colors f objectives even in low light.

AUKEY Wi-Fi Dash Cam 1080p FHD

Transferring video files from the camera to mobile or tablet was too much disturbance. AUKEY dashcam has changed the customary process of transferring video to the mobile. It assures transferring video footage to the mobile phone and tablet via Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily.

You can save video footage to your mobile and share them with the police or insurance company instantly if need. Enriched with Sony Exmor IMX323 Sensor that captures clear and crisp video both in low and high light. With its 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, also captures every detail of the road and vehicle.

Built with the G-sensor that activates emergency recording automatically when unexpected driving incidents occur then protect the recordings. It also has GPS features so you can enjoy a safe and relaxed journey by it.

The best features at an affordable price.It has nothing more than a sticker mount.
The installation procedure is so simple.
Temperature resistance dash cam that can capture Full HD videos in any environment.Video may have some glitches when recording.
Transfer videos from the Dash Cam to the mobile or tablet via Wi-Fi connection.
Built-in GPS ensures a comfortable and safe journey. If you have lost on any road, simply can see the most appropriate way to reach the desired place.
Sony Exmor IMX323 Sensor captures super clear and sharp video even in low light.
G-sensor activates emergency recording automatically when unexpected driving incidents occur.

EACHPAI Dual Dash Cam 3.0’’ LCD Front and Rear Sony Sensor Car Camera

This is the Dash cam which has 3 inches Full HD LCD screen. 4 IR LED lights and F/1.8 aperture & a 6-glass lens captures extremely clear and sharp videos even in a dark place. Also, the inside camera records clear videos both in heavy or low light. The Dual Dash 3 inch car camera is the best product in the market for its best camera quality. It is enriched with a Sony sensor that provides realistic videos in any light.

It has a smart loop recording system that saves new video replacing the old one by keeping the emergency files safe. Its front camera is enriched with a WDR feature that records the true color of any object even in low light and backlight. If the car detects a sudden collision, the G-sensor locks the recording to stop overwritten the recorded video.

The installation process will fascinate you by its easiest process. And the power on/off procedure goes through the car engine’s starting and closing. It means when the engine is started, the Dashcam becomes on, and when the engine is stopped, the Dashcam becomes off. You don’t have to take extra trouble to switch the power button.

Dash cam with 3 inch LCD screen that provides Full HD video to see the car’s position on the road.The installation process is not so easy.
Its 4 IR LED lights and F/1.8 aperture & 6-glass lens captures extremely clear and sharp videos both in high and low light.The video recording quality is not clear at night.
Sony sensor captures the true color of any object even at night.
The smart loop recording system replaces the oldest video and saves the new video protecting essential videos.
The G-sensor locks the recording to stop overwritten the video while detects a sudden collision.

VIOFO Dual Dash Cam (A129 plus Duo)

VIOFO A129 plus Duo dash cam has the super real video recording ability with its 2560×1440P 60fps front and rear camera and 1080P 30fps behind car camera. You will wonder to see the realistic video it records. It captures front and behind the road’s details at the same time. It is enriched with Sony Starvis Sensors that capture super clear and crisp video also in the night. The WDR provides high-quality video in any light.

Most of the dash cam cannot connect with the Wi-Fi strongly. They take much time to transfer files or sometimes get disconnected. To prevent this annoying thing, The VIOFO A129 plus has brought2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fithat can transfer files at two different frequency rates. So, the chance of wireless interference is less.

It has the parking mode that captures before 15 seconds and after 30 seconds of video when a sudden collision occurs. So, your car will be safe when you are not in the car. The smart GPS sensor tracks the present position of the car and shows the easiest shortcut to reach a place.

Installation procedure is easy because it can be installed via 3M stickers.The sticker may fail to stick to the camera after a few days.
Captures high-quality videos with 2560×1440P 60fps front and rear camera and 1080P 30fps behind car camera.
The night mode of the camera and WDR provides a smooth, clear, and realistic color even in a dark place.
You can transfer the video files from the camera to the mobile or tablet via Wi-Fi quickly.
High-quality capacitor that provides extreme power supply and lasts longer than expected.
Temperature resistance.
GPS sensor to provide a comfortable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a dash cam drain my battery?

If you use a dash cam according to the car battery voltage, the dash cam will not drain your car battery. If you keep your car has not been started for a long time, and your dash cam is turned on its parking mode, then it can drain your car battery.

Is there a dash cam that records when the car is parked?

Yes, of course. A dash cam can record all happening things even it is parked, and the engine is not running. To get this feature, you have to buy a dash cam with parking mode. That will capture for a certain time when then the car gets any sudden collision.

Should I unplug my dash cam at night?

If you are not driving the car at night and your car is in a safe parking place, then you don’t need to turn on the dash cam. Usually, a dash cam turns in when the car’s engine is started and turns of when the car’s engine is off. If you often do not drive your car then your dash camera should not turn on at night. It can damage your car battery.

Can a dash cam record all night?

If you drive your car all night, your dash cam will record video all night until you do not turn off the engine. If you turn off the engine, the dash cam will capture only when it detects a sudden collision.

How long do Dash Cameras record for?

Usually, a dash cam records nearly two hour’s video in per frame. And the number of frames depends on the ROM of the SD card. In a 16 GB SD card, the dash cam can record approximately 30 frames of two hours of video.

Does a dash cam record sound?

Yes, most of the dash cam records sound from the passenger compartment of the car. But it’s completely optional. You can turn on the sound recording system and turn off the sound recording if you want.

Buying Guide


For anything you buy, the first thing you have to consider the budget. At first, fix a budget that you are willing to pay for a dash cam. Then find out the best dash cam with motion sensor, and best quality capturing ability.

Camera quality

The camera quality of a dash cam is important. Because a good camera provides high-quality video. A dash cam should have the minimum 2560×1440P 60fps capture quality. The more resolution camera, the more clear and crisp video.

LCD screen

Some dash cam has an LCD screen to show the live video that the camera capture. The screen helps to show the front and back road properly. Sometimes people have trouble seeing the road with looking glass in the dark place. An LCD camera shows the road clearly in any light.


Consider the storage of the dash cam before buying. A high storage dash cam can store huge videos at a time. And a less storage dash cam can’t store many videos. So, I prefer to buy a high storage dash cam.

Night mode

Always remember to buy a car camera that can capture videos even in a dark place in the same resolution. A night mode of a camera is necessary. WDR provides the super clear videos and the real color of any object and ensures safe driving.

Parking mode

If you have a dash cam with parking mode, you can feel freely park the car anywhere. If the car detects a sudden collision, the camera automatically turns on the parking mode and capture some small videos or shots. So, you can identify the reason for the damage if it had any.

Install method

Choose a car camera that’s installation procedure is simple. The 3M sticker installation method is preferable. And remember the durability of the dash cam.

Wide-angle view

A wide-angle dam cam can record an expansive portion of the road. Usually, the dash cam captures the angle of 120 degrees to 180 degrees. Our eye angle is 140 degrees. So, if you buy a dash cam that has more than a 140-degree viewing angle will be preferable to see the road.

The importance of a dash cam can’t explain in some words. Try to choose a product that has the best quality at a low price.In the local or online market, thousands of products offer high-quality camera at an affordable price. But they all are not preferable for your car and don’t provide a clear and sharp video for a safe journey.

You have to choose the best one that would not drain your car battery and capture high-quality video. We all know the task is hard to choose the best one from thousands of products. So, we have listed some products with the best quality, long-lasting, and also at affordable prices. Besides, you can choose another product out of our list by following the buying guide that we have given in the article.

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