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Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV
Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV
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Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV

Do you know you can turn your car’s back seat into a comfortable and soft bed where you can sleep all night safely? To get this feature, you have to buy a car air mattress and place it on the back seat of the car. In long-distance traveling, you or your family may need to lie or sleep to restrain exhaustion.

Who doesn’t love to go camping, hiking, or spending a night on the beach? A car air bed will enhance their enjoyment more than heart desires. To feel the whole situation, you must buy an air mattress. In this article, we have listed the six best mattresses for sleeping in SUV. By glancing at this article, you will also get some buying guides to choose the best one.

Who Need This Particular product

Some people have to go a far way by driving a car. But at the night, all people are not able to drive the car or can’t want to take the risk of driving the car at night. In that time, they do not have to find a hotel room to sleep properly. They can sleep on their car’s back seat with an air mattress. This is how an air mattress for a car saves money.

Besides, some people spend their weekends going camping or hiking, those people can sleep in their car safely and enjoy the night vision comfortably with a car air mattress. They can also remove their tiredness by sleeping in their car for a while.

Why You Need

If you are fond of camping and hiking, you should buy an air mattress for the car. You can sleep comfortably in your car. Furthermore, if you need to sleep on the road, obviously you cannot sleep in the car seat. An air mattress will provide you the comfortable sleep in the car.

Air mattress is easy to carry, takes a little place so you can always keep it in your car. Whenever you need it, you can take that out and pump it at a glance. If you are a travel lover person, trust me the air bed will increase enjoyment while traveling.

Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress Bed

If you are a travel lover, you must need a car air mattress bed. But worry about the price and portability? Then you should choose the Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress Bed. This car air mattress is not only designed for the car, it can be used forswimming,camping,traveling, hiking to provide your family and yourself comfortable and safe sleeping. You can also enjoy any TV showlying on the Onirii car air mattress comfortably.

It’s light to carry anywhere you go and, it can be folded in a tiny shape. So, you won’t face any trouble to carry it in your car. This air mattress includes one air bed, two air pillows, one air pump, two air foot Piers, one soft travel neck Inflatable pillow, one sleep mask, two sleep earplugs, one repair pad.In any place, that will provide comfortable lying on and sleeping as home.

This air bed is easy to inflate that anyone can inflate with the included air electric pump. And it doesn’t take much time to inflate properly. The most useful feature is the electric pumper can be charged through the car power. So, you don’t have to worry about the charging method. Whenever you need this, you can inflate it quickly.

Affordable air bed with great quality.The air compressor’s cord is too short to inflate the air bed comfortably.
Can be used for multipurpose and in any place.
Lightweight and foldable so, it can be carried easily.
Inflates very quickly, and the inflate process is too easy.
Slip-resistant, and it has a head’s anti-collision that keeps the head safe.
Electric pumper can be charged through the car power.
Provides one air bed, two air pillows, one air pump, two air foot Piers, one soft travel neck Inflatable pillow, one sleep mask, two sleep earplugs, one repair pad to ensure comfort.

Final verdict

If you measure your car’s back seat before buying this air bed, you will not find any problem with it. With its high-quality PVC and flocking, it will give the feel of your home bed. Defiantly, you are going to fall in love with this air mattress bed.

Pittman Outdoors – PPI CMO TRKMAT AirBedz Rear Seat Air Mattress

Sometimes you do not have any option rather than sleeping in the car. But sleeping in the back seat of the car is not comfortable and easy at all. That may cause back and neck pain. An air mattress bed can reduce your struggle for peaceful sleeping. Some people afraid of buying an air bed for their durability. The air bed has a high chance of being punctured. Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Rear Seat Air Mattress offers the most puncture resistance and durable air bed.

You do not have to worry about sleeping in the car. In an emergency, you will not have to spend a lot of money to stay in a hotel. Just inflate the Pittman air mattress and sleep comfortably. It is preferable for a full-Size truck or SUV. It has multiple sizes so, you can buy one according to your car’s rear seat size.

The lightweight mattress ensures easy portability and long durability. You can lay down on the air bed like home. It includesDC portable air pump, patch kit, inflatable pillow, and a convenient carry bag with the bed.

Best quality at this price.Bed works better for the quad cab models.
Provide safe and comfortable sleep at home.
Lightweight and foldable, so it is portable anywhere.
There are many sizes available. You can buy one according to your car’s back seat size.
The inflating process is easy so that anyone can inflate it with the included DC pump.
Pittman air mattress bed is the most puncture resistance and durable air bed.

Final verdict

IF you do not want to waste money by booking a hotel room but want to sleep comfortably, then you should not waste your time buying this Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Rear Seat Air Mattress. At an affordable price, you will get a long durable air bed that will provide you the feeling of a home bed.

HIRALIY Car Air Mattress

Holding only two minutes, inflating an air mattress, making a comfortable and wide air bed. What can be better than it? Travel lover people tend to go anywhere whenever they get enough time. Spending a lot of money to stay in a hotel for a night is not a happy feeling when you can sleep in your car comfortably with an air bed. Hiraliy car air mattress is an air bed that will satisfy you with its best quality.

Besides, some people have to pass a long road to reach his/her desired place. If they continuously driving their car, they can be exhausted, and that’s the big reason for the car accident. If they have the Hiraliy car air mattress in their car, they have to give two minutes to inflate the air bed with the included electric pump and take some rest to prevent fatigue.

This air mattress fits almost all the models of the car. It is anti-leakage with three layers of sturdy wear-resistant material. So, you will feel relax to lie on the bed without the fear of leaking. Its simple structure makes the cleaning process easy. The surprising feature is, it is waterproof. So, there is no chance to damage when getting in touch with water.

Inflate very quickly within a couple of minutes.Small size is not perfect for the adult to sleep comfortably.
It fits almost every model of the car.
Long-lasting and leakage proof with its three layers of sturdy wear-resistance material.
Firmness is adjustable.
Can use both indoor and outdoor use.
Can fold in a small size so that it will anywhere you want to take it.
The upper side of the air bed is made with a soft velvet material that will give you a comfortable feeling while lying down.

Final verdict

Except for its size, this air mattress is great with its all great quality. You will get a safe and comfortable bed like your home bed. This air bed is suitable for children. Its durability is so long.  The most satisfying feature is, it is compatible with most of the models of the car.

Haomaomao Car Air Mattress

Oh no! Air mattress is too pricey! If you are thinking about buying an air mattress but worry about the price, then Haomaomao Car air mattress is made for him. At the most affordable price, Haomaomao offers the best quality air mattress. Some people think that cheap product is not worthy of the quality. Their wrong perception will be changed if they owe this air mattress. They will see an affordable product that can provide high-quality features as well.

The extra pad ensures safe sleeping of the children while the car is running. It can use for multipurpose like camping, long driving and also for indoor purposes. You do not have to buy an extra pump to inflate it. You will get a quick inflatable pump that will inflate the air bed at a glance and never deflate the air for carrying heavy weight until you do not deflate it.

You can feel free to buy this air bed without the fear of being a leak in a short time. Its high-quality PVC material ensures long life with comfortable upper suede. Its simple structure is preferable for cleaning the air mattress easily. It is suitable for most of the cars as general-purpose SUVs, ordinary family cars, trucks, MPV, Saloon cars, boats, etc. So, buy this air mattress and save your waste of money from booking a hotel room.

An inexpensive product. So, low budgeted people also can get this.The included pillow is too small.
Can be inflated very quickly with the included quick inflate pump.Best for children rather than adult people.
Leakage resistant with the double-layer inflatable nozzle even after a long time of use.
Too comfortable with the soft and comfy upper suede.
Very lightweight so that you will not find any trouble to carry this anywhere you need it.
suitable for most of the cars as general-purpose SUVs, ordinary family cars, trucks, MPV, Saloon cars, boats, etc.

Final verdict

It’s the best mattress for sleeping in the car at an affordable price. Very comfortable to sleep in the car with the Haomaomao air mattress. Its lightweight will satisfy you to take it anywhere. This air mattress remains the same as you inflate it even after lying down for a long time.

OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress

OLIVIA & AIDEN has brought the most unique and elegant designer Inflatable car air mattress. That will provide you fresh and warm sleeping when you have to sleep in your car. Nobody desirably wants to sleep in the car until an emergency. They spend a lot of money to stay a night in a hotel. For them, OLIVIA & AIDEN inflatable car air mattress is like a blessing. It will save money against staying in a hotel room. The most charming fact about this air mattress is this air mattress provides warm and comfortable sleeping even in cold weather.

With this air bed, you will find the supreme enjoyment of camping, hiking, going on a long drive, or traveling a long distance. You don’t have to sleep uncomfortably on the back seat that also gives back and neck pain. This air bed keeps the children and pets safe by cushioning their bodies.

It is long-lasting as well as comfortable with durable PVC and a soft, breathable top. It can be inflated in a few minutes with the included electric air pump. And you will not face any trouble to deflate the air mattress quickly with the electric air pump.

Budget-friendly with the best quality.May have leakage if it is not taken care of properly.
Offers the most unique and elegant design.
Long-lasting with a durable PVC layer. On the other hand, its top layer is too soft that provides comfort when lying down or sleeping on the mattress.
Electric air pump that comes with the air mattress inflates and deflates the mattress very quickly.
Weight is very mild so, you won’t find any trouble to carry this air mattress wherever you need it. It can be folded in a small size. So, it takes a little place to carry.

Final verdict

If it is stored properly, you can use it for a long time without any leakage. This lightweight and foldable air mattress are perfect for carrying it anywhere you go. It provides a safe and comfortable sleep without neck and back pain. At this price, you will get everything you desire from an air mattress.

HOUSE DAY Car Bed Air Mattress

Almost every people has a bad experience of sleeping in the back seat of the car. This is not a rare case, anybody has to sleep in the car. Some have a fear of the non-durability of the air mattress. So, they do not want to buy an air bed for the car as though they need it badly. For them, House Day car bed air mattress will be the best choice. It offers 30% more puncture-resistant, 30% more abrasion resistant, and features 30% more tensile strength.

Air beds are not usually heated resistant. But the House Day Car air bed is covered with microfiber that is completely heating resistant. You will feel like your home bed with the soft velvet upper that will provide an extra soft and comfortable feel of lying down. It is slip resistance and leakage proof so, you can lie down children and pets safe while driving the car.

It has come with two pillows, two-seat cushions, and a 3-port air pump. You will not have to buy an electric pump because you will get a quality based electric air pump with an air bed. This air pump inflates and deflates the air bed very quickly. This air mattress feat all most every model of the car.

Puncture and abrasion resistance so you can feel freely enjoy your moments.No Cons
Most durable air mattress compared with the other air available air mattress.
Fits in almost every model of the car.
Perfect for family and pet’s safety on the road.
Does not overheat because of its microfiber layer so, you can sleep comfortably on the mattress for a long time.
Air mattress will provide you a soft and comfortable touch with its soft velvet upper layer.
Can use for multipurpose like camping, hiking, picnic, spending a night on the beach, and also for indoor purposes.

Final verdict

This air mattress is strong and durable. Its unique and wavy upper design adjusts your body and provides a soft and comfortable touch. The microfiber does not overheat the bed so, you will not face any lacking of sleeping in the car safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you pump up an inflatable car air bed easily?

Almost all of the air mattress comes with an electric air pump machine. Either you can inflate your air bed with electricity or with the car’s power. Usually, the car air bed needs to inflate on the way, and you will not find any power plug connection so, you have to inflate the mattress with your car’s cigarette lighter.

How to clean a car inflatable mattress?

The cleaning procedure is too easy for the inflatable mattress. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. You can also wash the air mattress into the water by deflating the air from the mattress. Cleaning the air mattress is very important to prevent leakage and to keep dirt free.

How long can you sleep on an air mattress?

Usually, an air mattress is not bad for health. You can sleep on an air mattress as you want. A best quality air mattress doesn’t deflate automatically even after too much pressure. So, you can sleep comfortably on an air bed until you do not want to wake up. But you have to replace your air bed after long term use. The National Sleep Foundation does recommend replacing your mattress every eight years.

Can I use an air mattress as a regular bed?

Air mattress suitable for long-distance driving, camping, hiking, and emergency indoor use. But an air bed cannot be preferable to a regular bed. Whatever the quality is, an air mattress cannot provide comfort as a regular bed. Sleeping in an air bed has some problems like heat temperature, back pain, motion transfer, etc. So, I do not recommend sleeping in an air bed regularly.

Can air mattresses explode?

An air mattress cannot explode because it is made with a hard layer of PVC. It can deflate a little bit due to a long time using but, it can’t explode. It is sturdy enough to be explosion resistant.

How much weight can an air mattress hold?

Most of the air mattress can hold up to 300 Ibs at a time. The measurement can vary with some of the available air bed. It depends on the size of the air mattress.

Buying guide


At first, fix a budget that you are willing to pay for an air mattress. Don’t think only a pricey air mattress can fulfill your desires. An inexpensive thing sometimes fulfills the customer’s desire. So, after fixing your budget, find the air mattress that matches your budget.


Always remember to measure the size of the back seat, and the blank place in front of the seat, and then buy an air bed according to the size of your car seat. Otherwise, the air bed can be unfit in your car.


Lightweight and a foldable air mattress are preferable. The car mattress has to carry in the car. If that is very heavy, you will face trouble to carry it with you. So, buy a lightweight air mattress that will be very easy to carry.


Look after the material of the air mattress that you want to buy. Choose an air bed that has multiple layers to be puncture resistant. The upper layer should be soft and comfortable to sleep in.


Some people afraid of buying a car air mattress because they think a car mattress deflates and punctures quickly, that would be their waste of money. But there are huge brands that offer the highest durability. Before buying a car air mattress consider the durability.

Inflation and deflation time

Buy an air bed that does not take a lot of time to inflate and deflate. Choose the mattress that inflates and deflates quickly in minutes with an electric air pump. You can choose anyone from our article cause we have brought the best SUV mattress reviews.

Finding the best one from the thousands of products is not easy. All brands offer high quality at an affordable price. But who wants to take the risk to buy a thing? To minimize your effort to find the best one, we have decorated this article with the six best mattresses for sleeping in SUV.
Do not waste your money by purchasing a useless air mattress. A car air mattress increases the joy of camping and traveling.

So, do not ruin your enjoyment by owning a worthless air bed. To keep your children and pets safe on the long journey, the importance of a car air bed is arbitrary.

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