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Toyota Camry 2020 Review
Toyota Camry 2020 Review. Image Source Depositphotos.
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Toyota Camry 2020 Review.

2020 Camry is gonna be the first all-wheel-drive model since 1991.

But it is supposed to engage only when the vehicle senses slippage under hard acceleration. In addition, Toyota is also introducing the performance-oriented Toyota Racing Development or TRD variant with aggressive pricing and a V6 engine, with larger 12.9-inch brakes, TRD tuned suspension and cat-back dual exhaust system.

There are a lot of stylistic changes as well such as unique wheels, aero bits, rear diffusers, rear wings and more.

Unfortunately, no AWD on this variant. Also, the entire lineup will feature the Android Auto and Apple car play as standard.

The premium sedan of Toyota tries hard to look different and is successful in it at least from some angles. The car is wider and longer than its predecessors and has tires from 16 inches to 19 inches.

The bonnet has well-sculpted sharp creases giving the car a muscular look.

The front grill looks a bit bold with the hood leading down to the grille that extends to the entire fascia.

The Toyota logo in the front grill is outlined by blue to show the hybrid nature.

The sedan has a wheelbase of 2825 mm and an overall length of 4885 mm. The A-pillar gets a tapering design that gets narrower at the bottom.

 This improves the driver’s vision and minimizes blind spots. The standard four-cylinder is mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox which accelerates poorly.

The hybrid is a less powerful version which isn’t exciting to drive either. Obviously, as long as there’s a V6 in the lineup, all the other variants would never be exciting enough.

But the handling of the Camry has become much better than the predecessors and very responsive too.

The steering is light but makes easier to maneuver in parking lots.

There’s also regenerative braking provided in the hybrid and the brakes were found to be too sensitive at lower speeds.

The standard 2.5L inline-four produces 203hp and a “sportier” XSE trim producing 206hp. The hybrid powertrain is coupled to the 2.5L inline-four producing 208hp. And the 3.5L V6 will produce 306hp. The standard 2.5L is claimed to give an entirely of 34mpg combined and the V6 around 26mpg.

The hybrid variants will have a combined efficiency ranging from 46 to 52 mpg depending on the trim. The four-cylinder mated to the CVT gearbox will take a long 8.3 seconds to reach the 62mph mark. The top speed is 112 mph. These trims don’t make you’re driving any exciting but bland.

The top variant is downright luxurious on the inside and hence causes a huge gap in the material quality of among the variants. While the base models have fabric seats with manual adjustments, the top ones feature leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheels, heated seats, and even paddle shifters, but still not enough to match with its rivals.

There’s plenty of space inside for a 5 seater.

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The battery of hybrid is tucked beneath the rear seats giving more space for cargo but still not the best. All Camrys come equipped with a 7inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple car play as standard. There’s another 4.2-inch display in the gauge cluster showing important information about the car to the driver.

Top variants would even feature 10-inch color heads up display, 8-inch infotainment, and an optional premium JBL audio system.

Every Camry will have Toyota’s active suite of safety gear as standard.

It includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, etc.

It will also have good reliability like all Toyotas. Unfortunately, compared to the competitors, Toyota lacks a lot of things, be it in performance or specs. The 2020 Camry is on sale now except the AWD which is expected to go on sale later this year.

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