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Toyota Corolla 2020 Review

The new Toyota Corolla has arrived and sits perfectly along with its siblings. It is made with their old 1.8L engine and a 2L engine.

The former is paired to an electric motor as well resulting in a hybrid (for the first time) while the latter is a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder.

Similar to that of the hatchback, the sedan features a sharp styling with similar LED headlamps but it is obviously more spacious.

The boot is the same in size as that of older models and doesn’t differ with the petrol or hybrid variants, and comes with a full-size spare for the ascent sport petrol while all the other models get a space-saver spare.

Getting inside.

The mid-range SX and flagship ZR has an informative 7-inch display in the middle of the gauge cluster along with Apple play connectivity (Android auto to come soon), fake leather on the steering wheel and gear knob. The lower variants are basic with a urethane steering wheel.

The rear is spacious enough to easily fit a 6 footer even with a moderate-sized front passenger.

The 2.0 L produces 125kW and 200Nm and the hybrid one produces 90kW and 140Nm. Only one model, the Ascent Sport petrol is available with a manual gearbox. All the other variants are mated to a CVT. The hybrid corolla is supposed to give 53ish mpg and all the other variants give around 30mpg.

Don’t get any intimidated by the name sport in the variant as none of the variants is performance-oriented.

All of them perform smoothly at low speeds but at high speeds become very noisy and sluggish irrespective of the engine.

The hybrid one, surprisingly gives the extra torque, when required, with the help of the motors but still struggles to hit the 62mph mark.

Another con is that the space of the rear room. Though it is spacious, it is not at all enough in comparison with the rivals.

The major pro is the reliability of the car.

Toyota cars are well known for reliability and this one is not any different. It is also filled with top-notch safety equipment like automatic emergency braking, active lane control and adaptive cruise control as standard and handles better than its older siblings.

The final verdict.

it’s perfect for a daily commute, for short distances, particularly the hybrid. For corolla lovers, it is undoubtedly the best Corolla yet, with a slight Prius touch, in looks as well as performance.

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