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If you are modern-day drivers, then you need to have an accurate GPS. With a reliable GPS, you improve the driving experience, thus facilitating many working hours within a day.

Many drivers earn a living through driving, and therefore, this will make the driving to be relatively easy and allow you to make ends meet. Traditionally many drivers have been relying on paper maps and also phones, but it’s time to upgrade to the modern system.

The course of this article shall highlight the truck GPS which you can install in your vehicle and make the work relatively easy. Here is the list of five of the truck GPS currently you can use. We have listed the key features, as well as the advantages of truck GPS and FAQ.

We hope this will assist you in choosing the best option which suits your vehicle.

1. Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S.

Main Characteristics:

  • It has 5- inch screen which comes with the Maps of North America, and free Live traffic and maps updates.
  • It has tailored truck steering for a different size and weight for the truck. Also, it has an alert for weight parameters and bridge heights.
  • It has a truck and trailer services directory, which can filter truck stops by brand.
  • It has control dezl with your voice, and enjoy Bluetooth hands-free calling and built-in Wi-Fi for easy map. The USB storage is more compatible with Windows XP.
  • 7.0- inch glass display screen which allows excellent viewing.
  • The dispatch and the tracks will allow dispatchers to easily text addresses and text messages and also helps track the drivers, which is very important.
  • It is easier to breaks planning, which helps to simplify life on the road and helps provide all the breakpoints which you should take note of.
  • It pairs with a smartphone for live traffic and also the weather. With the help of the app, you can connect the truck GPS with your Android and iPhone.
  • Services History Log can record the date and the type of services that get performed, which will help ensure there is a convenience to track the mileage, tire, and oil changes.
  • Navigation with ease. With dezl LMT-S, it comes with ALD, which uses the voices prompts, and also, it is brightly colored, which would ensure that you navigate well in the lane.

2. XGODY X4 brings 9-inch.

 Main Characteristics:

  • It has 9-inch Big screen for truck

It comes with a 9 – inch high-resolution screen, which has a brighter resolution of up to 800*400 and also a clear display, which would give you an exclusive visual experience. Also, you can customize all the best routes depending on the vehicle weight, length thus allowing you to avoid all the road with restrictions of weight and height.

  • Life- maps updated

It comes with all the American maps which comprise of the countries which are in South and North America. In case you need to update the map for another country that is not in America, you can update it via Amazon for free, thus making your trip more comfortable. Some drivers have been getting deliveries in countries that are not on the map, and the good news is that they can access the updated map.

  • Bluetooth AV-IN

Bluetooth is an essential aspect of the vehicles, and it will let you make the calls without having to stop the vehicle. On the other hand, the AV-IN can be used to enhance the connectivity to the rearview camera. It’s through this, which will allow you to access more than 10 million POI’s which include the gas station and other keys places. It makes it possible to access local information that would be needed while you are driving.

  • Seven days’ services and lifetime warranty

XGODY comes with seven days’ offer services for the clients and also a lifetime warranty. You will get a 90 days’ money-back guarantee, which is very important in case the Truck GPS does not work on the vehicle. It ensures that there is 100 % satisfaction to the customers through a lifetime warranty and also a money-back guarantee. All the customers are more interested in the products which guarantee their money and also enjoy the warranty.

  • Real voice Navigation

You can choose from the multiple of the selected voices that will offer you with turn by turn voice steering. It comes with an authentic human being voice, which you can listen to, and you will reduce the chance of looking at the GPS screen all the time. Though this voice navigation makes the drive safer and will also reduce fatigue while driving. It also comes with other security alerts, which include high accident zone, red light, and average speed cameras.

3. 7 Inch Touch GPS Navigation.

 Main characteristics:

  • Lifetime Map Update

It comes with a preloaded and latest maps of the North and South American countries for your GPS. However, if you need an updated map of other countries, you can access it for free. All you need is to follow the set guidelines for downloading. You should never be stacked in another country because you don’t have a map.

  • 7- inch Touch Screen

It comes with a 7- inches LCD touch screen, which is clear and also complex with a resolution of 800*480. It’s made of the tempted glass and also high- quality sensors with a full showing angle, which ensure there is high brightness. Drivers can see the maps clearly, even on a sunny day.

  • Large capacity

The sat nav comes with High-performance CPU and also built-in 8GB ROM 256MB RAM, which usually supports up to 32GB external memory, which ensures there is plenty storage for all the maps and materials, which are needed. In addition to that, it also comes with a car charger. It’s all about having a system that has proper storage for the data. 

  • Multi-Language

The GPS steering usually supports voice transmission speed and can help in the calculation of the route after ensuring all the destination settings have been made. It will provide intelligent, sound warning, route planning, map language, and also the estimated arrivals. All these can be provided in multiple languages, which include Russian, English, among other languages.

  • Safe purchases

The primary purpose of the seller is to ensure the customers get access to quality products and also the best services in the market. If by any chance, you purchase the product, and you feel you are not satisfied, then you can contact us, and we shall have the problem resolved. 

4. GPS Navigation for Car Truck RV

Main characteristics:

  • Professional GPS Navigation

It is the best 7- inch touch screen navigator for trucks and cars. It ensures the is intelligent route planning, Fast and Accurate GPS Tracking. In addition to that, with the GPS, it will have the current speed lane and the expected arrival time, which is customized to the route which you are traveling in and therefore giving you the allowance to choose the best road to use.

  • Navigation with Confidence

The OHEREX 7 inch comes with clear navigation GPS details, which comprises of the updated map. It allows you to take a turn by turn direction with voice speak which captures all the street names louder it reduces the chances of missing to make a turn or the scenario where you make sudden lane crossings. It supports driver alerts, street broadcasting, and also postcodes addresses.

  • Lifetime map update

Maps are essential, and it’s essential to get access to the latest maps, which makes the drive better and faster.

OHREX GPS navigation will connect you with Window pc, which would allow you to access all the maps on the screen. In addition to that, you can use an external TF card for the map update with either Windows systems or Mac. In case you want to access any map of another country that is not included in the preloaded map, you can update it for free.

Feel free to download all the latest data on maps.

  • World life cycle map

The maps come with the preloaded map of three countries in North American, which include the USA, Canada, and North America.

The pre-installed map has the latest map data of these three countries, and this makes the trips to be safer. In case you need an updated map, then you can always download and update.

  • Professional Solution

Our GPS navigation comes to the regular maps upgrade and also solutions to all other queries the clients could have relating to the GPS. For instance, the USA local brand has established a team of a professional technician who is based in the country to ensure all the queries which relate to the GPS have been handled more professionally.

5. TomTom Trucker 620

Main characteristics:

  • It is a 6- inch touchscreen that comes with an interactive truck GPS navigation system.
  • Lifetime map, there is a lifetime map that the driver will use with all the latest maps data of the three countries in North America. Also, it has more than 1500 travel center POIs and other truck-related POI’s.
  • Lifetime traffic. You can get access to Intelligent routes, which helps to avoid traffic on the road, thus reducing time on the road. Its battery life is one hour, which would support live traffic.
  • Smartphone services. You can activate all the live services on your phone, which include traffic and maps, which allows you to access easily.
  • Hand-free. It has been designed to deliver quality hands-free calling and also read messages on loudspeakers from your smartphone, thus ensuring that you don’t stop the drive to read messages or answer calls.
  • Compatible with Google Now and Siri. You can activate and talk Google Now, and Siri with the help of Tom Tom trucker built- microphone. Through this, you will get access to your assistant on your smartphone. Through this, it will allow you to focus on the road without any distraction. 
  • Active magnetic mount. The unique magnetic mount makes it easier for you to install the trucker. It will give you the allowance to dock and also undock truck navigation within a second. Ensure that you find the perfect spot where you can always adjust.

Advantages Of Best Truck GPS

If you are thinking of installing the truck GPS on your vehicle, this is the key benefit that you will enjoy. They include:

  • Driver safety

Driver safety is the most paramount benefit of having the GPS installed in your vehicle. Drivers have access to data, which makes the drive more comfortable and also convenient. All the drivers are expected to be more accountable while on the road, and this ensures that they make the right decision while on the road. For instance, there is averages speed and red light, which all ensure there is the safety of the driver. 

  • Promote driver productivity

With a good truck GPS, the driver can boost his productivity on the road by minimizing fuel consumption and also the time spent on jam. The GPS will facilitate live traffic, and this will make the driver use a shorter route, which could enhance the level of productivity.

The maps come with all the information on the critical location, which includes the gas station and also hotels, and therefore, there is less time wasted on the road. 

  • It enhances security

The security of the driver on the road is essential, and the GPS ensures the driver gets all the security alert which are needed. For instance, the driver will get notified of the turning point and avoid speeding.

The driver will also get a notification on the bridges, which usually causes an accident to drivers who are using the road for the first time. 

  • Smarter route planning

Truck GPS can be used by the drivers to help identify the worst and the best roads through the review of the past trips using the history of the map.

All the fleet managers can always optimize the routes by analyzing and also identifying all the busy roads within the historical location data. It has helped many drivers to manage their trips and therefore promoting the level of productivity.

  • Automated time- alert

A truck GPS will help your vehicle to track the real-time and allow the flight managers to create a virtual parameter which will be used to get all the alerts of the vehicle when it enters and also leaves the working sites.

It’s through this that you can plan and manage the operations daily, and this would promote the productivity of the drivers. In the past, most managers could monitor and plan for the operation manually, which was not effective for the companies.

  • Enhanced customer services

Effective mapping software that contains updated map data would ensure there are effective customer services by the company. For instance, the fleets managers ensure there are effective operations in the company, and therefore, the customer gets timely services.

For example, most of the trucks are used for delivering goods, and therefore, the driver will use the best routes, and the delivery will be made on time. Companies that have installed the GPS have been enjoying high customer retention compared to those without.

  • Fast vehicle recovery

With a good truck GPS, you can track the vehicle after it has been stolen, not unless the GPS has been tampered with.

You can always know the exact location where the vehicle is with the use of the GPS or the help of the police officers.

What is needed is for you to act swiftly, and this would reduce the chance of the vehicle being vandalized or damaged. You can always increase the chance of vehicle recovery once you ensure the truck GPS is expertly installed.

  • Reduction of insurance cost

Insurance covers are more expensive, and most of the companies which have been operating fleet vehicles. For instance, if the insurance company learns that your vehicles have GPS trackers, it makes it possible for them to ensure and track the vehicles, thus giving the clients a premium discount.


Question: How Truck GPS works with FAQs?

Answer: Here are some of the common question and answers which are asked by many people relating to the truck GPS. If you can’t find the question and answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with the solution.

Question: What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

Answer: PS stands for the Global Positioning System. It was the highest level of technology by DOD, which is commonly used in the forces to ensure there is navigation. It’s a borrowed technology from the forces which ensure there is the tracking of the location of the vehicle and also monitors its movement.

Question: What is the best truck GPS?

Answer: There are many GPS navigation systems that you can install and work best for your vehicle. You only need to conduct due diligence when buying for the GPS to get the best.

Question: Is the truck GPS System easy to Install?

Answer: Installing a truck GPS is simple and would only need the services of a professional technician. However, several customers have managed to install the GPS for themselves. Installation of the trucker will involve connecting the power and also the mounting wire with the GPS antenna.

Question: How long does the truck GPS retain data?

Answer: There is external storage that is stored with data that could be used during the navigation system. Most of the truck GPS companies give their clients for more than 90 days or more than six months. It enhances data security.

Question: what is involved in the GPS installation process?

Answer: Installation of the GPS is an essential aspect, and therefore, the company should engage a professional technician. A good technician will discuss the installation plan with the client and ensure they understand about GPS. Experience and the organized plan is needed to ensure the installation is more effective.

Question: What is the difference between live and passive tracking systems?

Answer: Both the passive and active systems collect and use the data for the system. However, on the live vehicle tracking, the GPS will always collect the data and connect it to the cellular network, which needs the connectivity and also accessibility on the website, unlike the passive, which uses the preloaded information.

Question: which cellular network is the best?

Answer: The best cellular network will depend on the areas where your vehicle is operating rather than focus on the office where you are located. The main idea behind choosing the best cellular is to allow you to move and digest all the available data. Most of the GPS trackers usually store data on external devices.

 End of article

Truck GPS plays a vital role in fleets management, and therefore, the company should ensure they have installed the best GPS. In our display are the five truck GPS, which we have highlighted together with the main features. With these products, you can choose either of the truck GPS and promote the navigation of the vehicle.

Several benefits come with the system, which includes improvements in the productivity of the drivers and also enhanced safety. Something important the driver should note is that there is a need for the drivers to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

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